I am a forever student. During my years of attending workshops, taking classes, studying the work of masters and of so many amazing local artists, I have developed my own style of painting. I embrace color, simple and bold images. My goal is to stir the same feelings in the viewer as I feel when I paint my subjects. I am a lover of people and animals of all kinds. I use watercolor to put their image on paper, using the colors that I see when I look at them. Sometimes the paint calls for more, adding found objects, decorative papers, graphite, pen and ink or words send a more direct message. Having the opportunity to help people, young and old, find the artist inside them is rewarding and essential for me. Painting is fun,I believe there is an artist in Everyone. Being a part of that discovery and joy is very rewarding.  Community is a very important, and bringing people together, via art, is a priority for me. Art is something we can all share. Whether it is making art, viewing art or loving it from afar, it gives us an opportunity to experience beauty, emotion and expression – uncensored.


For these and so many more reasons, I paint and I hope I can inspire you to paint and I hope you enjoy my work.